Marta Simões

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[directed by Isadora Neves Marques]

Three-channel film installation, 75' loop, video, surround sound;

"In space, it’s always night."

Vampires in Space is a three-channel film installation, a tale with no beginning nor end, in which what matters is the journey and not the destination.

The film invites us into an unexpected spaceship within which the wistful existence, dramas, and routines of five vampire passengers unfold during a centuries-long journey to a faraway planet - after all, in space it is always night and, having eternity at their disposal, vampires are the ideal candidates to roam the stars.

In their solitude, away from societal constraints and expectations, this family of vampires recalls and reimagines their past lives, guiding the visitor through an open-ended narrative about the role of fiction in our lives, and in particular in lives marked by gender dysphoria or euphoria and transgender experiences.

Portugal Pavillion - Palazzo Franchetti | Portuguese Official Representation at the 59th La Biennale de Venezia 2022.

Exhibition pictures courtesy of Galleria Umberto Di Marino